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Our experienced, NRPP certified inspectors utilize the newest continuous radon monitor technology to ensure accurate radon gas detection in home or commercial settings. Each monitor is calibrated yearly and inspectors undergo performance testing and re-certification bi-yearly. Our inspectors have been approved by the NRPP to conduct inspections for real estate transactions, often with same day device implementation available.

Radon Services

Services Include:

- Short and Long Term Radon Monitoring

- Radon in Water Sampling

- Mitigation Project Monitoring/Clearance Sampling

About the Process:

A standard 48 hour test will consist of an inspector dropping off a device in the lowest livable level of the home. The devices will collect hourly readings for a period of 48 hours and automatically shut off. An inspector will need to pick the device up and a report with the results will be generated and sent to you the same day as pickup. Each visit takes roughly 5-10 minutes to complete. 


The test cannot be conducted within 24 hours of the installation of a mitigation system and all windows and doors in the home must be closed (except for normal coming and going) for at least 12 hours prior to testing and for the entire duration of the testing period.

Danger Radon Gas
Radon information
Radon Monitor
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